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Thanks for looking at my page. I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota working with Prof. Parhi and Riedel. My research is concerning how to implement computations particularly signal processing by molecular reactions.

Research interests

When we hear about computation and information processing the first thing that comes to our minds is man-made electronic processing systems. However, the most powerful information processing systems have been provided in nature: e.g., complex circuits within cells

- can have over 30,000 distinct states;

- their computational efficiency per operation is 4 to 5 orders of magnitude more efficient than nano-scale GHz electronic processors regarding energy and size;

- they are massively parallel such that more than 10,000,000 biochemical reactions fire in a human cell each second.

My research is about exploration of computational power of bio-molecular systems. Since the chemical reaction network (CRN) theory is the fundamental model in the study of molecular reactions, I try to understand and discover the information processing abilities of CRNs. The first fold of my research is design and implementation of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms by CRNs. The second fold is computation of mathematical functions by CRNs using a new encoding of information so called fractional representation. In order to address practical issues for biological implementation of the designs, I map the CRNs to DNA reactions using DNA strand displacement mechanism.

My past research interests include VLSI architectures for DSP algorithms such as discrete wavelet transform and fast Fourier transform algorithms, speech, image, and video processing algorithms.

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